Local Community

We understand the impact of network construction works on both the communities we serve and broader stakeholder interfaces within City, Town and Village landscapes. We plan our work activities down to the finest detail including early stakeholder engagement to address local requirements and to manage interfaces – we do this to ensure that works are delivered in a safe manner always and to minimise any disruption as far as possible. We engage with Local Authority stakeholders responsibly, ensuring that relevant permits are submitted in a timely fashion and conditions are met to ensure that we work in a co-ordinated manner and deliver our networks on a right-first-time basis.     

We regularly attend Local Authority, Parish Council and Special Interest Group meetings to ensure our works are supported, informed and managed in a sympathetic manner, all with the aim of providing gigabit capacity to underserved parts of the country.

Beyond stakeholder engagement, we seek to offer appropriate employment, training and business opportunities to the communities we serve across the long term nature of the infrastructure we build and maintain.

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